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Apr 2, 2021 | Restaurants - Business Promo

Farm to Fork, located in Bigfork, provides fresh, local, plant-based take & bake meals and grab & go foods! Farm...

Farm to Fork, located in Bigfork, provides fresh, local, plant-based take & bake meals and grab & go foods!

Farm To Fork’s mission statement is: To make every effort to do business with local farmers, vendors & to use organic, local & seasonal produce whenever possible. To tread lightly on the planet & be ever – mindful of our environmental responsibilities. To invest in & give back to our community on a regular basis.

You can tell that each aspect of their business revolves around staying true to their mission statement! Nearly every ingredient on their menu is sourced locally and sustainably, all food scraps go to local animal feed, and all of Farm to Fork’s food packaging is supplied by Eco Montana out of Bozeman and is plant-based and certified to completely breakdown in a commercial composting facility. Farm to Fork encourages patrons to return their packaging so it can be composted by DIRT Rich Composting in Columbia Falls.

When asked why they value local, Chef Anna McCabe said “I support local suppliers because it makes sense! The produce tastes a thousand times better because it is fresh, so my final product tastes better as well. There is less food waste when buying local produce as well. When produce comes from far away it has been out of the field for quite a while, so it tends to go bad quickly. Plus, I like to keep my dollars local when possible. It is so important to support local farmers. I am helping to ensure there will be farms in our community tomorrow. This is a matter of importance for food security!

Next time you’re busy but want a healthy meal to feed your family, consider a take & bake meal from Farm to Fork! You’ll feel good about what you’re putting into your body and about how your meal has supported your community!

It’s more than a meal. When you support Abundant Montana restaurants, you conserve water, soil and clean air for healthy people and a healthy planet today and tomorrow!

Visit Farm to Fork’s Abundant Montana listing. And visit Abundant Montana to find other great Montana businesses that are committed to feeding you Montana-grown and produced foods.

Be sure to check out the local farms, ranches, and other producers that supply Farm to Fork’s ingredients & operations: Wicked Good Produce, Snow Country Gardens, Two Bear Farm, Swallow Crest Farm, Sun Hands Farm, Raven Ridge Farm, SpiritWorks Herb Farm, LaSalle Family Farm, Marias River Farms, North Shore Farm, The Oil Barn, Wintercrest Farms, Valleygirl Mushrooms, Totally Organic Tofu, Timeless FoodWestern Montana Growers Coop, and Quality Foods Distributing.

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