2023 Local Food Guide Sources


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Source 2: Nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted.

Fun Facts

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Source 5: In 1980 $0.62 of every dollar spent on beef went to the rancher. Today only $0.37 makes it to the rancher.

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Source 6: Montana has over 27,000 farms and ranches spread across approximately 58.1 million acres.

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Source 7: Montana consistently ranks top five in the nation for honey production! Currently, there are about 650 honey beekeepers in Montana.

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Source 8: Did you know Montana has more cattle than humans? There are nearly two cows for every person

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Source 9: In 1950, 70% of the food Montanans ate was grown in Montana. Today, only 3% of the food Montanans eat was grown in Montana.

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