5 Reasons to Become a RegenMarket Member

Mar 23, 2022 | Grow & Tell - Stories

RegenMarket is a membership-based local food retailer founded by two families grounded in their community in Big Sky, Montana. Their...

RegenMarket is a membership-based local food retailer founded by two families grounded in their community in Big Sky, Montana. Their slogan is “The Best Food on Earth!” How can they make such a bold statement? Because they only sell food grown by Montana farmers and ranchers who champion regenerative agriculture practices.

When asked about why RegenMarket chose to create a business model around regenerative agriculture, they said:

“Regenerative Agriculture is a rehabilitative approach to food and agriculture systems that starts with soil management and eliminates synthetic inputs such as pesticides and fungicides. By nurturing healthy soils, regenerative producers aid in water conservation, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

The result is a healthier planet, a healthier local economy, and healthier food. Regenerative Agriculture is not a new trend, it’s a return to the roots of our farming systems. It emphasizes quality over quantity and nutritious food.”

Why you should eat “The Best Food on Earth”:

1. Get food from small Montana producers shipped right to your door

When you order through RegenMarket, you’re not only supporting Montana agriculture, but you’re supporting small farms and ranches.

The founders of RegenMarket knew they wanted to support Montana farmers and ranches by sourcing products from across the state, but they also wanted to make an even greater impact. When creating RegenMarket, they made a point to work with as many smaller producers as possible in order to give them access to a bigger market they might not otherwise be able to access. And the best part is, you don’t have to live in Big Sky to enjoy the benefits of a membership. RegenMarket ships nationwide!

2. Eat nutrient-dense food

Did you know that the soil’s health can be depleted? And that food grown in soil with depleted nutrients will have less nutrients, too? This is what regenerative agriculture and RegenMarket aim to fix. 

At its core, regenerative agriculture seeks to improve the health of soil, and healthy soil produces nutrient dense food. When you buy your food through a RegenMarket membership, you can be sure you’re buying food with high nutrient density, produced by farmers who are taking care of their soil.

3. Nurture the soil with your food

More nutrient-dense food is only one of the benefits of regenerative farming. Practices used in regenerative farming also improves water quality and sequesters carbon, which helps mitigate the causes of climate change. Furthermore, tenants of regenerative farming such as cover cropping, the practice of keeping a living root in the soil year round when that soil would otherwise be bare, helps reduce erosion, increase water retention, and improves the health of the soil.

When you support farms that choose regenerative practices, you are increasing the demand for regenerative farming, so your impact goes even further!

4. Your membership fee goes toward your purchase

A common membership fee model is that you pay for your food on top of your membership fee. Not at RegenMarket! There are two types of memberships: the Seedlings Membership ($40/month) and the Soil Stewardship Membership ($80/month + 10% credit back on every purchase). Both membership types are credit-based, which means your monthly fee goes directly into your RegenWallet to be used toward the purchase of food items each month. And if you don’t use the full amount one month, it rolls over. And it never expires!

5. Get 3 lbs of ground beef for free when you mention AMT

As a gift to Abundant Montana followers, Regen Market is giving you 3 pounds of ground beef for free when you sign up for your membership! Just email Xan Jarecki at [email protected] when you sign up, and he’ll be sure to include it in your first delivery or pick up!

To learn more about RegenMarket and to sign up for your membership, visit https://regenmarket.com/.

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