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Winter Grazing Workshop

March 21

Learn Firsthand from Sieben Live Stock’s 20 Years of Experience

Back by popular demand–Cooper Hibbard, from Sieben Live Stock located near Cascade, Montana, will be hosting four individual winter grazing sessions on January 19, February 23, March 5, March 21

These full-day on-site workshops will cover everything you need to set up a regenerative grazing system on your ranch. Sieben Live Stock has transitioned from grazing this entire set of pastures and feeding 4-6 weeks to resting up to 20% per year and feeding less than one week per year with the same number of animals.

Sieben Live Stock has been winter grazing for over 20 years, and Cooper will share what has been learned and walk you through:

  • Estimating feed available and stocking capacity
  • Forage production, budgeting, and allocation
  • Assessing range and soil condition/health
  • Cattle behavior, condition/health, genetic considerations, grazing habits, and herd instinct
  • Winter strategies to water availability and distance
  • Supplemental and replacement feeding
  • Planning and practical experience making a move
  • How will these impact and be implemented on summer pasture?


There is so much more you will take away from these workshops. It’s one thing to talk about how to implement these techniques continually, but it’s a whole other ballgame actually to see it working on the ground.

“It was amazing to see firsthand how differently cattle behaved and how well the grass has responded to this management style. I picked up plenty of practical information, I could apply right away on my place,”

– Ron Halverson, Halverson Ranch Big Timber, Montana