Meet Your Farmer – Cowgirl Meat Co.

Apr 26, 2023 | Grow & Tell - Stories

In late June last year, while winter’s snow still crowned the peaks of the Absaroka Mountains, we visited Jaimie Stoltzfus of Cowgirl Meat Co. and her family at their home on the Boulder River.

Along the lush river bottom and among the sagebrush hills south of Big Timber, they ranch naturally raised grass fed beef and pasture raised pork. Producing high quality meat, for both Jaimie’s family and her community, is a lifestyle that brings her joy with each passing season.

Through farmers markets, social media, and events, Jaimie is excited to connect with her customers. 

“We want to get to know the people that are eating our meat and we want them to get to know us and why we love ranching.”

Early on in her ranching journey, Jaimie realized that there were other families and moms like her that wanted to know where their food comes from and have access to meat that’s raised ethically and clean. That became her inspiration for starting Cowgirl Meat Co back in 2015. 

“As a mother of two, it is important to me to feed my family high quality food where we know where it comes from,” Jaimie said. Initially, when Jaimie and her husband Austin were working on cattle ranches, they had easy access to beef but they eventually craved variety. 

Pigs came into the picture a little later. “I said to my husband ‘I want to get a pig’ and he said, ‘don’t just get one, they need a buddy. Get two!’” said Jaime. “So I went and got a whole litter.” 

She quickly realized that there was no way they were going to eat that much pork and, after calling family and friends to sell the meat they quickly learned that there was demand and she’s been raising pigs every year since the first littler. Since then, all the meat from Cowgirl Meat Co. is raised as if Jaimie were going to feed it directly to her family. 

To try their meat, you can order from their website or find them at the Livingston Farmers Market throughout the summer. For more specifics, see Cowgirl Meat Co.’s listing on our Find Food & Farm page.

To learn more about Cowgirl Meat Co., enjoy the full video above and stay tuned for our May newsletter to see the next video in the series. Subscribers will receive exclusive access to our forthcoming ‘Meet Your Farmer’ videos weeks before they are made publicly available. 

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