Yellowstone Poultry is a small, family owned and operated farm that specializes in Coturnix Quail eggs. Located on the far West End of Billings, our pampered birds thrive and give us the most beautiful, vitamin and nutrient dense eggs that taste absolutely wonderful. We also raise White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Broad Breasted Turkey, and, my personal favorite, Black Copper Marans. We have spent many years learning the unique requirements in raising Coturnix Quail to ensure our birds live long, healthy, happy lives. Our birds are antibiotic free and hormone free...ALWAYS! By providing a proper living environment including a correct feed ration, custom drinking water system, lighting, and spacing, the quail live their lives without the need of any sort of medication. We also follow USDA standards for collecting, washing, sanitizing, packaging, storing, and transporting eggs to ensure a top quality product you and your family will enjoy.


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