We are a 100% grass-fed Icelandic sheep producer, located in south central Montana, in the heart of Paradise Valley just 25 miles from Yellowstone Park. From these beautiful sheep we can sell delicious gourmet lamb, colorful wools for yarn & crafts, luxurious pelts and unique horns. Breeding stock are also available for purchase. We strive to build a sustainable forage base from which we can raise a healthy, natural, grassfed lamb product for local restaurants and neighbors.

100% grassfed lamb, raised as natural as possible (no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, grain or growth hormones) can only be created from the quality of pasture they graze. Through the use of Holistic Management, the forage quality, soil health, and water cycle improvements have improved where our sheep have been. These pasture goals help preserve the financial benefits of good ranching at a time when many ranches are disappearing. By keeping our sheep out of the feed lot we can utilize them for what they do best: Impact forages to nurture a healthy landscape. Healthy, content, growing lambs grazing diverse forages in the fresh air is what produces our quality, tender gourmet lamb.

We thank all of those who support our business! Your purchases of our lamb and wool products supports at least 10 other American businesses who help us along the way, not to mention the various establishments who are embracing the local Farm-to-Restaurant campaign!

Growing Practices

  • Raised Without Added Hormones
  • Raised Without Antibiotics


  • Lamb
  • Meat
  • Non-Food
  • Wool
  • Yarn