Thompson Falls

The Waterway CSA roadside stand is located at 12 Fruitland Lane approximately 9 miles east of Thompson Falls (MM 60 Hwy 200). The roadside stand will be open from 9am - 9pm every day of the week beginning June 2023. CSA members have exclusive access to limited-count vegetables. Anybody can stop by at their convenience to choose farm-fresh fruits and vegetables from our commercial coolers. See before you buy! We offer an electronic register in the roadside stand for self-checkout. Cash or check only, for now.

We didn't partner with the farmer to get lower prices. We are the farmer. Choose your own selection of farm-fresh vegetables from our refrigerated coolers. Produce is picked daily and cleaned before stocking the roadside stand.

- Buyer's choice
- See before you buy
- Fresh daily
- Locally grown
- Shop at your convenience