Three Forks
  • U-Pick
  • Farm-Stand

While attending university at Montana State we learned of sustainability and the fact that our ancestors who homesteaded the Hysham Hills in the 1800's produced 90% of what they used. Examining our lives we found we produced nearly nothing we used, if anything at all, so we decided to change that by neo-homesteading ten acres outside of the sprawling Gallatin Valley. After all, if they could do it 100 years ago with candles and oxen we should be able to do it with solar power, gas generators, and the tons of waste the construction industry was producing from the rampant home building going on here. We lived without electricity or running water for a year while we build our house and since we've planted several hundred trees and shrubs in our food forest that is nourished by waste from our alpaca herd. We've also expanded Synchronicity: Massage, Health & Wellness Center, a business we built in the heart of the Valley while working on our home, to include the SpaDome with massage, infrared sauna, cold plunge, and several other health modalities. And now we're developing our Agritourism destination to share all of this with everyone! We've also launched the Yellowstone Eco Tourism Initiative (YETI) that lets people use our Chevy Bolt EV to tour the Park with no exhaust or noise emissions, staying in Ecovillages like ours in Gateway Communities around it. We plan to use the YETI concept to tour Ghost Towns, Breweries, Historical Sights, Museums, and outdoor destinations throughout Montana. This will be enhanced in coming years as Montana DOT rolls out the new EV charging network throughout the State, making the YETI much more viable.

Growing Practices

  • Agroforestry
  • Aquaponics
  • Conservation Tillage
  • Cover Cropping
  • Hydroponics

Agritourism Activities

  • Farm Stand
  • U-Pick

Business Categories

  • Lodging