My passion is bringing groups of people together to learn, share, and stretch their imaginations in the pursuit of creating diverse, healthy landscapes. With thirty-six years of experience working with producers in Eastern Montana, I understand their struggles, but also their concern for the land and compassion for their animals. My strength is to listen, question, and support the producers I work with in pursuing their greatest agricultural and personal goals. I also help them look beyond the familiar, beyond what they think possible. To that end, I provide an array of consulting and coaching services to determine your goals and path to a healthier ecology, family, and lifestyle.
I am the co-creator and facilitator of EMRA - Eastern Montana Regenerative Ag; a learning network of practitioners building community around soil and human health.
Growing up on the prairie of eastern Montana, native range has a special place in my heart. That being said, I love the challenge of cropping systems and the challenge they bring. My specialty is an interconnectedness with a diverse array of practitioners and being flexible in the services I offer to meet the client’s needs