The Rocking Tree Farm uses sustainable agriculture and farm life activities to promote positive mental health in a safe, sensitive, and personalized environment ‘growing memories’ focusing on those who have been affected by trauma including veterans, military, and their families. This is our approach to reducing the prevalence of suicide.

As a Farmstead we produce eggs, milk, meat (chicken, duck, rabbit, lamb), and homemade preserves that have been frozen, fermented, dehydrated, and canned. Products available is dependent on the season. We also sell baby chicks, lambs, and ducklings (seasonal and based on availability).

Growing Practices

  • Raised Without Added Hormones
  • Raised Without Antibiotics

Agritourism Activities

  • Educational Tours & Activities
  • Farm Stand
  • Other
  • Seasonal Events
  • U-Pick

Farm Tours for individuals, families, groups. School Field Trips: 1) Intro to a Farmstead, 2) Farm to Table, 3) Farm Art, 4) Farming for Health & Wellbeing