Owned and operated by Matt and Sarah Skoglund and their two young children, Otto and Greta, North Bridger Bison is a family-run bison ranch in Wilsall, Montana. The Skoglunds focus on producing the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, most delicious bison meat you can buy.

Their bison spend 365 days a year outside on diverse grasslands. And when it comes time to harvesting an animal, they field-harvest each bison on the ranch -- as opposed to putting them on a truck and hauling them to a slaughterhouse somewhere.

Field-harvesting is unique, and it's the most ethical and humane practice -- with no stress for the animal and no stress in the meat, which leads to unbelievably healthy and delicious bison meat.

North Bridger Bison's operating principles are deeply rooted in regenerative agriculture and holistic management, and the Skoglunds are strongly committed to conservation. Their ranch is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and they are currently in the process of putting the entire ranch under a conservation easement to protect it from development forever.

The Skoglunds welcome and encourage you to contact them with any questions about anything!

Growing Practices

  • Conservation Tillage


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