Montana Survival Seed is actually a DBA of my Montana Hide and Seed LLC. Selling locally adapted seeds with fun artwork, including a seed story on the back, and ultimately trying to inspire people are my main goals with the seeds.

Also included in the LLC are my primitive/ancestral/earth based teaching skills such as making "old" fire, animal processing and utilizing hides and other parts for food and crafts like natural buckskin making, simple stone tool technology, throwing and making atlatl's and bows, along with many others. My traveling natural history museum includes mammoth ivory/bones/fur, meteorites, dino bones, cool rocks, stone tools, etc.

The seeds are either grown or wild harvested by me or local organic Montana seed growers. Some seeds come from Triple Divide Organic Seed Co-op. Other seeds are from regional organic seed growers, since I'm unable to grow everything solo, I reach out to my other seed friends to provide the peoples' with amazing NON-GMO and organic seed.