Montana State University Culinary Services self-operates all dining on campus, including: two dining halls, retail operations, campus catering, concessions, food truck, and our own bakery and salad manufacturing facility. Dining has become an integral part of campus life and the overall college experience. We are proud to provide our students with a repertoire of various cuisines, cooking styles, and flavors, in a comfortable atmosphere to meet friends, study, and simply relax.

MSU Culinary Services strives to:

  • provide the highest quality food, service, and presentation while maintaining variety and flexibility.
  • offer well balanced meals with wholesome ingredients including gluten-free, vegetarian, and lite options.
  • create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • continue commitment to keeping up with current dining trends.
  • embrace social, nutritional and financial responsibilities.

Farm to Campus is Culinary Services' local food purchasing initiative. These Montana Sourced food purchases total more than $1.5 million each year, contributing to more than 22% of total food purchases.

It is Farm to Campus' mission to partner with members of our campus and statewide agriculture community to support the development of Montana's local food systems, and to promote the health of our patrons through enhanced local and sustainable practices on campus.

As the largest university foodservice operator in Montana, Culinary Services is in a unique position to leverage our buying volumes with local producers to provide them with reliable demand for their products.

To do this, we collaborate with local producers, processors and food manufacturers throughout the state, and support students and future producers from MSU's College of Agriculture.

Connect with us on Instagram @msu_farmtocampus or @msuforkintheroad or on Facebook @msuculinaryservices