Montana Roots was born from a love for the earth and a belief that food should be medicine for all it touches: soil, microbes, people, animals, and the entire web. A far cry from the detached, industrialized food system that leaves soils and communities depleted, Montana Roots' vision is to find ways to grow healthy, sustainable food, year-round in cold climates through community engagement.

Started in 2012 from the belief that northern, cold climates could grow food year-round, we began to experiment with simple no-heat, year-round greenhouse techniques. On the banks of the beautiful Yellowstone River the success of these no-heat greenhouses inspired a journey into aquaponics and eventually the construction of the heart of Montana Roots- a 5000-gallon aquaponic system that has been growing thousands of pounds of food every year for the surrounding community since 2012.

Growing Practices

  • Hydroponics


  • Salad greens