Montana Branded is a retail beef business located in Northeast Montana. We offer individual cuts of beef that are USDA certified. Our beef is grass fed/ grain finished right here in Montana on our family ranch. No hormones are added to our beef and our meats are dry-aged to further enhance flavor and tenderness. Each package of beef is sourced from an individual animal, resulting in our ability to provide a consistent product. Since our beef is USDA inspected, we are also able to sell to restaurants, schools, stores and institutions. It also can be transported and sold across state lines to be enjoyed anywhere in the U.S. This being said, we can guarantee our beef is held to the same high standards as large food corporations, but still possesses the homegrown quality that you can only get from a family that has been invested in the animal from birth to processing.


  • Beef
  • Tenderloins, New York Strips, Ribeye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin, Flat Iron, Denver Steak, Ranch Steak, Tri-Tip, Cube Steak, Flank, Brisket, Ground Beef, Hamburger Patties, Roasts. We are able to customize steak size and the percentage of fat in our ground beef per request, as well as offer primal cuts. Montana Branded also sells variety cuts such as Liver, Tongue, Heart and Kidney as organ meats that are high in many essential nutrients. Soup Bones, Ox-Tail and Marrow Bones are sold as a soup base and also purchased, along with trimmings, as dog food/treats. We also utilize kidney fat which is rendered into Tallow that is used in soaps, lotions and candles, along with many other different products.