LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF Bred, born, & slow grown on native range for 2+ yrs. USDA inspected and Made in Montana Grassfed & Grass-Finished Dry-Aged No antibiotics No hormones No animal by-products What’s special about Lohof Beef?

High-protein grasses and ideal range land – The grasslands of Montana have been famous for raising beef since the days of big cattle drives from Texas in the 1870’s. The climate is ideal for producing high-protein grass and cattle grow well without unnatural supplementation. The “terroir” of the land can be tasted in the beef.

Lots of open space – Lohof cattle are never confined in anyway. They are born in open pastures and very quickly learn from their mothers how to graze and search for the best feed and water. This movement across thousands of acres of land prevents unhealthy overcrowding of cattle and ensures the well-being of the range for generations to come.

How is Lohof beef raised?

Our calves are born on their own in open pastures as the spring grass is appearing. The mother cows clean their calves, and the calves get busy nursing and learning to graze. Any cow which does not deliver and raise a live, healthy calf each year without assistance from us is sold. In this way, we select for strong cows and calves adapted to our ranch. At a couple months of age, the calves are branded and castrated. They spend their summer rotating through grass pastures and always have free access to organic salt, organic mineral, and water. In the fall, when the calves are approximately six months old, they are weaned from their mothers. Within days the calves are grazing independently, and we move them to fresh pasture. Through the winter the calves are fed grass hay that we baled on our meadows over the summer and sometimes high-protein forage such as non-GMO alfalfa cubes. As soon as the spring grass appears, they are on their own again until winter hay is necessary. This cycle continues until the third summer, when the “calves” are over 1000 pound two year olds and fat enough to be slaughtered.

After slaughter, the meat is dry-aged in refrigeration for 2-3 weeks. This Dry-Aging process allows excess water to evaporate and the flavor of the meat to condense. Finally, the meat is custom cut, cryovac packaged, frozen, and delivered. The animals never leave the ranch. They are 100% Made in Montana, and we know exactly what they have eaten from day one. Thus we can guarantee to you that these animals have never been given any hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. They become what we are happy to call LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF: All Natural.


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