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The Livingston Food Resource Center began as the Livingston Food Pantry in 2006. From its roots on North M Street, we have come a long way. In January of 2015, we moved into our current centrally located building, added a licensed commercial kitchen along with a community meeting space, and a counseling service.

We believe that making healthy food available to our citizens is fundamental to everything else we do. No one is turned away at the Livingston Food Pantry. We’re proud to keep members of our community from going hungry, but we also do more. We have developed many programs at LFRC, each designed to make a meaningful impact in the community by bolstering the local economy, educating the public, and bettering people’s health.

LFRC distributed more than 382,000 pounds of food to households in need in 2022. Hunger is an economic issue, and we’re in the business of solving both hunger and the systemic causes of it. Our mission is to eliminate hunger in Livingston and Park County by acquiring and distributing healthful food to individuals and families in need, and supporting food-related economic development that drives the creation of jobs.

85% is purchased with donated funds. Why? We can purchase wholesale and get more food for your dollars donated! Food donations are always welcomed.

Our purchasing ethos is to play a leadership role in developing a strong local food system, and keep Montana dollars in Montana by buying local.

LFRC is staffed by a passionate team of staff and volunteers, working together to help our community.

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