Haymaker Beef is Judisch Ranch's beef retail & wholesale company that specializes in selling their pasture-raised grass-fed, grass/grain-finished beef to local Montanan's, Schools & Restaurants in the Great Falls and Hi-line Area. The Judisch Ranch has been in the cattle business since the early 1900s and is currently a 5th-generation ranch. Back in the 2000s, they began finishing their own cattle with a grass-hay/alfalfa/ ground barley mix, and selling live animals as shares for locals to butcher. In 2011 they grew their herd and became reputable in selling their weaned calves via video cattle auctions, leading the sales with the highest bid price per pound. In 2020, as their community was in need of beef, they decided to become a meat depot; they are certified by the state and USDA to store frozen beef inventory for sales direct to consumers as beef shares, beef bundles, wholesale & a-la-cart orders.


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