Traditionally people understand grits to be made of corn but did you know you can make grits from any cracked grain? It’s true…and grits made from ancient grains make for a more nutritious meal. Knowing that, we decided it’s time they had their glory day in the hot sun.

Because of their hearty nature, ancient grains, including many varieties of wheat have existed for centuries. Modern, conventional, commercially grown wheat has become chemically dependent on synthetic cycles that detrimental to our soil systems. Gruff believes it's time for a throw back.

Our grits are made from whole grain Farro, a nutty version of wheat traced back to Roman times. It is comprised of carbs, fiber, protein and an impressive array of micronutrients. The grits from this flavorful grain compare to a couscous consistency and prove heartier than traditional corn grits, making is a flexible option for every meal of the day.

It’s time to take a fresh look at ancient grains while focusing on farming practices that will build soil biology instead of erode it. We know healthy plants make healthy food to create health in people. Grab a bowl and join the renaissance of ancient grain that is creating the future of farmland in America.

Growing Practices

  • Conservation Tillage
  • Cover Cropping
  • Crop Rotation
  • Mob Grazing