The City of Missoula purchased Garden City Compost (GCC) from EKO Kompost in 2016. Since that acquisition, GCC has been investing in new equipment and upgrading our composting processes. GCC wants to provide citizens with consistent, high quality, Class A Compost products while improving our practices to better control odor. In addition, we are proud to continue the tradition of resource recovery in our community by accepting all wasted food and compostable tableware as well as our traditional yard waste and are excited for the future.
The amount of material being diverted from the landfill has increased with the help of the public and local businesses in the region. In 2021 we diverted from the landfill 15,000 cubic yards (cy) of leaves, 1700 tons of wasted food, 1 ton of cardboard, 6,600 tons of mixed organics including sawdust and finally 2,185 dry tons of treated biosolids. Our Polar Tree Farm is watered with effluent from the Wastewater Treatment facility which prevents 10,918 pounds of nitrogen and about 660 pounds of phosphorous from entering the Clark Fork River during the growing season of May-September. This prevents algae blooms and other undesirable consequences in our rivers.
Our locally produced goods which are sold by the cubic foot, or the cubic yard are: Class A Compost a ready to use soil amendment, Lawn Topdress great for seeding and repairs, Enriched Topsoil which at 25% compost is ready for planting and finally our Premium Perlite Potting Mix. With peat moss from Big Arm & perlite from Idaho, this local potting mix is a favorite for growers all over western Montana. Whether its hot house tomato starts, cold frame greens or commercial cannabis grow operations they all return for more of this product!