FAST (Food Access and Sustainability Team) Blackfeet is a nonprofit organization founded by a
group of involved citizens who are dedicated to improving food security, providing nutrition
education, and reclaiming & building food sovereignty within the Blackfeet Nation.

We accomplish this through three main pillars of work with advancing programs under each that continue to grow and impact our community.
1. Improving Food Security
a.) Ō’yō’·ṗ’ (We are Eating) Food Pantry
b.) Ō’yō’·ṗ’ On Wheels Mobile Food Pantry (OOW)
2. Providing Nutrition Education
a. )Nutrition Education
○ Cooking Classes (incorporates local/traditional foods)
○ Recipe booklets, recipe samples at the food pantry
b. )Food Pharmacy Program
○ Fresh produce vouchers to purchase fresh produce at local grocery stores
○ Medical Nutrition Therapy with the registered dietitian
○ Blackfeet Diabetes Prevention Program
3. Food Sovereignty – creating a food secure and sovereign system
a.) Growing Health Program
○ Gardening experience and resources
○ Local foods purchasing for cooking classes and food pantry
○ Gardening Workshop education classes