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Every dream starts with a seed of hope. For Dan and Linda Taranto, this dream was to bring fresh, high-quality produce to local residents and restaurants alike. In 2014, D&D West Greenhouses emerged in the Bozeman and Billings farmers’ markets and a small roadside stand in Livingston.

By 2015, their seed sprouted, as a sustainable greenhouse was erected to protect their growth from high winds, hail, and other unfavorable seasonable elements. As this addition cultivated further expansion, they also constructed a permanent stand store in Livingston.

For the first five years, devoted growers Susi Chadwick and Jody Laird assisted in fostering the growing dream by learning to grow and nurture the best quality crops. From there, the crops were brought to market or to the increasingly popular stand store. Open six days of the week, the stand – operated by highly talented store manager Sarah Melin – always provides wonderfully fresh produce and well-tended annual flowers in hanging baskets, patio planters, and various sized pots.

Sadly, the team suffered an unexpected loss with the passing of Jody Laird in 2018. But his memory lives on within the passion of this dedicated team. Determined to keep thriving, the team recently added newest grower trainee, Rich Wing, to continue their outstanding efforts.

As the seedling dream continues to flourish, D&D West Greenhouses hopes to include Christmas trees to their list of quality products in 2019. However, they could not be more thankful for all the help and patronage from their supportive community. All excess produce is donated to the local food pantry as whole or to make soups, sauces, and other frozen meal preparations.

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