The Central Montana Community Cupboard exists to collect and distribute food to families and individuals facing emergency situations. Our policy is to provide adequate food for three days sustenance. Our friends can use this assistance up to six times each six month period.

The heart of the Cupboard are the volunteers who collect, account for, and distribute the food to those in need. They along with the Board of Directors rely on the generosity of the Central Montana Community to donate money and food so that we might help those in need. Our many food partners are too many to mention but each one makes a difference in their community.

As an example, in 2016 the Cupboard distributed over 116,000 lbs of food! Over 4200 individuals came through our doors to receive help. They walked away with an average of 24lbs of life sustaining food.

Are you in need of a three day supply of food? Click on the "Use Our Store" link above to begin the process to receive some much needed help. Your community cares about you and has provided generously in your time of need.

You may also want to be a part of this great work. Click on one of the links above to discover ways you can be a part of this great work.