We sell quality ground beef to local area schools and businesses. We take cattle directly from our ranch at Power to Vaughn Meats, a USDA licensed facility, to be processed into quality lean ground beef and then deliver it directly to you. You know what you are getting and who it came from. There is a turn-around time from the ranch to your kitchen of about 10 days. Now that is fresh beef! Our burger is 85% lean or better. You end up with more beef in the pan after cooking it than you would using a poor-quality, mass-produced product. It is protein- and vitamin-rich with no water, soy, or gristly fillers added, and nothing artificial. Just beef.We handle bulk ground beef to be delivered frozen in 40 lb. boxes of eight 5 lb. packages. We also have hamburgers in 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6 pound patties. Deliveries are once a month with minimum orders of 80 lbs. but we will try to accommodate any request. We currently have free delivery within about 60 miles of Great Falls but would love to expand to accommodate and schools or businesses interested in serving Montana beef. Our goal is to become your provider of quality ground beef. We hope you like our product and our service. If there is a way to serve you better, please let us know; we want a Farm-to-School partnership to work for all of us.


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