• U-Pick

I'm living my dream of growing organically home grown herbs and sharing them with others. Though I am an herb enthusiast, I am not a licensed herbalist. My crafts have grown out of a sincere desire to "spread the herb" and the "word" from what I've learned reading and from others who love to incorporate herbs into their lifestyle.

Formally Urban Herbs, these culinary and wellness tea herbs were grown in our home garden with care and learning. We grow plants from Northwest certified sources suited to our climate. Dried herbs are stored whole immediately to give the richest aroma, flavor and potency. Our products can be seen at local fairs, festivals, markets and online. We love to continue to learn and share our knowledge. Our vision is to make herbs a part of all everyday quality lifestyles…and fun to use! It’s in the part-time stage now…grow with us and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Growing Practices

  • Organic Practices–Not Certified

Agritourism Activities

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