406 Compost provides household and business collection for compostable items across Helena and the greater area. The collection includes meat, bones, dairy, and other compostable items such as cups, utensils, and dishware. The material collected is processed and fed to worms by our partners at YES Compost who sell the worm casting, an excellent organic soil nutrient.

Residential collection in and near Helena is typically $20 per month, with a free month for paying a year in advance. A made-in-the-USA Leaktite bucket is provided and exchanged every other week with a clean, sanitized bucket. Additional buckets (one per week or more) are available at $5 more per month. Business collection ranges from the basic bucket system to specialized 45-gallon bins, with additional and larger bins available.

Recognizing our hard-working, invaluable livestock making this all work, 406 Compost provides quarterly reports of pounds of material collected to feed the worms and pays a per-pound dividend at the end of the year!