Abundant Montana

We educate consumers about the value of local food, and support food and farming entrepreneurs building successful, well-connected, and thoughtful businesses.


Abundant Montana began as a print directory in 1995, linking Montanans with local food across the state. Today, Abundant Montana lists over 600 farmers, ranchers, farmers’ markets, institutional and retail local food buyers, food pantries and community meals, and local food and agriculture organizations. By 2022 we anticipate having 1000+ listings, and aim to double that by 2023.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Build the demand for local food
  • Help local food and farm businesses succeed
  • Support diverse markets for local food
  • Create free educational resources
  • Honor and enhance the integrity of local food
  • Develop authentic relationships and inclusive collaboration across our entire food system

Where We're Headed

In the fall of 2021, Abundant Montana will expand its platform into a marketing and media hub to become Montana’s local food megaphone. In doing so, we will:

  • Uplift Montana food business voices in the communities where they live and across the state, through a coordinated marketing approach
  • Educate consumers on local food value through committed social, video, and print media campaigns
  • Provide a widely accessible virtual map of Montana’s local food

Our Vision

  • Informed consumers advocating for local, nutrient-dense and culturally appropriate foods
  • Tangible, inclusive relationships across the entire Montana food web fostering collaboration and partnerships
  • Thriving and respected food providers stewarding our land, water, animals and seeds
  • All Montanans nourished and food secure

2021-2022 Objectives

Map Montana’s Local Food

Expand listings to accurately represent the local food buyers and sellers across Montana

Consumer Education

Develop a statewide and targeted consumer marketing campaign, including local food guides, videos, stories, and other resources to educate consumers on the value of local food and benefit Montana producers and retailers

Expand Information Access

Make the Abundant Montana database and consumer education materials widely available to partner websites across the state, improving information access to all consumers – both individuals and institutions

Marketing Assistance

Implement a statewide marketing campaign for local food benefitting all producers with local and regional markets, and provide marketing technical assistance to producers in the form of trainings and individualized services

B2B Networking

Create business-to-business sales and networking opportunities for Abundant Montana listers through targeted outreach, marketing, and gatherings

Sell More Local Food

Support enhanced wholesale local food procurement efforts through trainings and targeted marketing

Local Food for All

Improve local food access for limited resource Montanans by promoting Double SNAP Dollars and local food availability at food pantries, farmers markets, and farms


Find Food & Farms


Find Montana Food & Farms

Abundant Montana is a Program of AERO (Alternative Energy Resources Organization), a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena, MT 59624
Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #333, Helena, MT 59601