Seasonal Preservation: Vegetable Pickling

6-8 PM

August 19, 2022

1657 River Road Missoula, MT

There is more than one way to pickle, and Caroline Stephens has mastered them all! Join her for an evening of investigation into the many methods of pickling.

This workshop will cover:

  • Vegetables appropriate for pickling

  • Refrigerator pickling in vinegar brine

  • Pickling in vinegar brine for canning and shelf-stable preservation

  • Fermentation pickling in salt brine

  • Discussion of pickling spices and different options

Whether you’re looking for an easy solution to preserve your extra produce or wanting to delve into the details of lacto-fermentation, this workshop will provide the insight you need to pickle like a pro!

Caroline was raised in the bluegrass region of Kentucky. She got her introduction to farming back in Kentucky and then moved west to pursue her M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana, where her research addressed the history of drought management on grain farms in central Montana. After graduate school, she managed vegetable production at Foothill Farm. She and her wife also serve as caretakers at the Moon-Randolph Homestead in Missoula. Today, she is thrilled to be farming alongside UM students at the PEAS Farm. Off the farm, she loves skiing, walking, and biking in the mountains and making food for friends and family.

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