Growing Healthier Plants and Food With Patti Armbrister

6:00 PM

October 14, 2021

220 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401-3112

River City Harvest is excited to host this fantastic community event!
Come learn from Patti Armbrister about successful practices that will reduce labor, fewer weeds and plants, cleaner veggies and reduce water usage.
Gain an understanding of the basics of soil life that work with your plants to create healthier and tastier food.
Workshop is for all ages and experience levels.
Nourish will be creating a local foods dinner while you learn!
If you don’t know Patti- she is rooted deep in growing food with over 50 years of experience, gardening in several different regions of the US, and is driven by a passion to provide a healthier, more resilient future for all. Patti’s goal is to pave the way for Montana’s to have a healthier future with local foods.

In 2016, she started the Agrarian Food Web Consultant LLC which is a coaching service to help others. Specializing in regenerative agriculture practices, growing local foods, composting, no or never till gardening, soil food web, understanding & working with nature., and creating nutrient dense food. Patti’s latest endeavor is a weekly talk show called “Grow Live” with Patti & Jackie. Together Patti & Jackie Marie Beyer of Green Organic Podcast are helping others to grow healthy food, to create a healthier world!

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