Build Your Own Bee Home

1 - 4 PM

May 14, 2022

Garden City Harvest, 1657 River Road, Missoula, MT

Keep your backyard bees happy and healthy with this hands-on workshop! Under the guidance of native bee expert Rachel Dickson, you will design and construct your own home for native bees to hang in your garden or backyard. This workshop will discuss the basics of bee nesting biology so that you can provide crucial habitat for your pollinator friends that can be maintained for years to come. You will leave not only with a bee home ready for installation, but the skills and knowledge to pass onto friends and family so they too can make their own!

Rachel got hooked on bees through an independent research project and beekeeping course her senior year of highschool. She went on to earn degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology at the University of Montana while working on bee research projects around the world. Rachel has researched bumble bees in Argentina, honey bees and elephants in Kenya and plant-pollinator interactions in Colorado. After 8 field seasons with plants and pollinators, Rachel decided to start farming last summer and recently moved back to Missoula where she currently works for the Garden City Harvest Community Gardens and Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. She is excited delve back into the food system where she wants to combine loves for plants and pollinators, community, education, and all other things related to eating and growing food.

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