• CSA
  • Farm-Stand

We are a small-scale, certified organic farm in Dixon, Montana, approximately 40 minutes north of Missoula. Our products include an array of seasonal and storage vegetable crops, fruit, cut flowers, herbs, microgreens, grass-fed lamb. We offer our produce to the public through a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program (for which we accept SNAP and Double SNAP Dollars), and wholesale to the Western Montana Growers Cooperative. You can also buy directly from us at the Glacier Tilth Farm Store.

We focus our growing practices on sustaining the land we are on and acting as stewards for future generations in Northwest Montana and beyond.
We are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to grow on a beautiful piece of leased land east of Dixon, Montana, following in the footsteps of other organic farmers in our community.

Growing Practices

  • Raised Without Added Hormones
  • Raised Without Antibiotics

Agritourism Activities

  • Farm Stand

Payment Options

  • SNAP/EBT Retailer

Business Categories

  • Local Food Passport (CFAC)