Black Boar Truffle provides our Award Winning truffle ingredients to manufacturing companies both domestic and international as well as finished truffle products for local food service. Our unique Organic Black Winter Truffle powder is derived from our proprietary process of growing the truffle through the mycelium/sclerotia stage and then flash drying to a culinary ready powder. We have been growing truffle mycelum since 2001 and are currently adding White Alba Truffle powder to our product list. We use extracts of our organic truffle powders to make All Natural truffle flavors for the food industry. Our truffle flavors are oil, water, powder and salt based and are used in many popular truffle retail products found locally and across the nation as well as on Oprah's Favorite things list. We are excited to concentrate our truffle growing process soley to Montana and for it to carry the Montana Made symbol by the end of 2022. If you are interested in purchasing truffles, adding truffles to a product that your currently manufacture or produce in Montana or finding our where products containing our ingredients can be found please contact us! We offer our R&D services at no additional charge.