Wild Echo Bison Ranch

914 Ridge Road, Box 890, Townsend Montana 59644

Wild Echo Bison Ranch is a 480 acre ranch of grassy meadows, aspen groves, and forested hillsides. It is ecologically managed for our bison, and for the current resident wildlife. Our goal is to supply quality bison meat while maintaining an environmentally friendly wildlife sanctuary on the ranch.We believe that bison should live in a clean environment and have room to roam without intensive human interference. We don’t treat them with pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, and they are not branded, dehorned, or neutered. We let the mothers decide when to wean their calves and the bison remain a cohesive herd of mixed ages and sexes year long. Within the limits of our property, we keep them as naturally as possible. During the growing season, they feed on a variety of mountain grasses and in winter they are supplemented with quality local hay. Our bison provide flavorful, quality meat without the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and grain associated with corporate agriculture. Remarkably, the real benefit of raising quality meat in an ecologically friendly way is that one gets naturally healthy and happy animals, too. We sell our meat directly to individuals. We sell the meat as young bison quarters (70-90lbs of meat when cut, wrapped and frozen). All quarters have equal proportions of steaks, roasts, burger, etc.

Customers will pick up their meat directly from the butcher in Helena or near Bozeman. Call or email for prices.

We are a wildlife and predator friendly ranch!


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