100 2nd St., Whitefish Montana 59937

We sell climate-adapted non-GMO heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seeds for the backyard grower. Our intention is to help re-establish the community practice of selecting, saving and sharing seeds for common use. Our seeds are either certified organic or ecologically grown. We are proud signers of the Safe Seed pledge.

Our regionally adapted heirloom and open-pollinated non-GMO seeds are selected for their homestead, permaculture, and polyculture value. In practical terms, we select for:

– climate resilience – flavor – productivity – storability – ease of growth

We sell over 180 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, garlic, pollinator flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs, and, of course, veggies galore! We particularly like multipurpose plants and useful perennials.

We believe in our inalienable right to open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds for common use. This is how our ancestors thrived for millennia and how we will sustain ourselves and our great-great-great-great grandchildren. Re-establishing the community practice of selecting, saving and sharing seed is at the core of resiliency. Helping re-establish that practice is why the Good Seed Company exists.

Abundant Montana is a Program of AERO (Alternative Energy Resources Organization), a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

Mailing address: PO Box 1558, Helena MT 59624

Physical address: 32 S Ewing St #333, Helena MT 59601