The Abundant Montana (AMT) Initiative

Pledges To:

  • Include your business in the AMT database and select marketing materials, such as a searchable website, smartphone apps (iPhone and Android), and various print materials including brochures, maps, and other publications.
  • Provide opportunities for you to promote your business through other AMT marketing efforts and events (paid and unpaid).
  • Recognize your business as an AMT Partner.
  • Provide liaison support between producers, buyers, and consumers.
  • Provide broad marketing and public relations support for locally grown food in the region where your farm or food business is located in Montana.
  • Promote justice and food security in local Montana food systems.
  • Protect the value of the AMT brand to consumers by ensuring that all Abundant Montana partner businesses honor AMT’s core tenets of trust, truth, and transparency.

AMT requires that every participating AMT food business provides consumers, upon request, with honest, accurate, and timely information about the growing practices, origins, ingredients, processing methods, and labor practices used to create their products.

As an Abundant Montana Partner, I will:

  • Continue to make locally grown products a priority in my business.
  • Act in a manner consistent with the mission and Guiding Principles of Abundant Montana:
        1. Develop Authentic Relationships and Collaborations
        2. Honor and Enhance the Integrity of Local Food Systems
        3. Help Local Food and Farm Businesses Succeed
        4. Support Diverse Markets for Local Food
        5. Create Free Educational Resources
        6. Build the Demand for Local Food
  • Provide accurate information about the growing practices, origins, ingredients, processing methods, and labor practices used to make my products.
  • Operate my business with civility and respect towards all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, political affiliation, religious beliefs, age, or social status.
  • Provide a detailed listing of my business for inclusion in the AMT database.
  • Use the AMT logo and other marketing/branding materials licensed by AMT to encourage sales of products grown or produced in Montana. 
  • Permit the use of my business name in AMT marketing efforts.

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